Equipment List


Flatbed Trailer

One of the more popular trailers is the flatbed trailer. This versatile trailer can be loaded and unloaded from all sides, making it convenient for small, large, light and heavy cargo.

Step Deck Trailer

A step deck trailer is a variation of a flatbed trailer with both a bottom and top deck. These are ideal for carrying freight that cannot be transported by a standard flatbed, typically due to the strict height requirements.

Conestoga Trailer

This trailer features a tarp system that can be used to both cover or uncover the trailer, providing added protection to your shipment.

Removable Gooseneck Trailer

RGN is a wonderful trailer to carry both tall and long shipments. With a detachable front, this trailer can drop to the ground, creating a ramp for easier loading. Additionally, an RGN can carry an impressive amount of weight, hauling freight up to 150,000 pounds. That being said, RGNs are typically relied upon in special situations, making them more expensive.

Auto Carrier

An auto carrier, also known as a car hauler transports vehicles from one location to another on an open or enclosed trailer.

Hotshot Trailer

Hotshot trailers are specialized trailers designed to be attached to a one-ton truck or similar vehicle. Used for transportation of smaller, time-sensitive, and urgent cargo. Hotshot trailers come in different types and sizes, such as flatbeds, goosenecks, lowboys and step-decks, also used for lightweight but oversized freight at a lower cost.